‘Best Video Game Soundtrack.’

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Streets of Rage 2 simply put, has the best soundtrack to any video game I have ever played. Yuzo Koshiro simply brings every element forward through the fast paced levels.

‘Go Straight’ is one of the sginiture pieces of this game, from the very first stage. Its almost iconic in a way! You play this song to anybody who gamed in the early 90s and they’ll be able to tell you where its from!

One of my favourite pieces is from the beginning intro tho!


See, isn’t it beautiful?

Stage 7 (Second to last stage) has some incredible music, while you’re travelling through a factory, enemies coming at you left right and center, and going up an elevator, full of bigger enemies, to fight ROBOTS on the roof before you enter the final stage!

Where the music changed completely, while you’re fighting the bosses you’ve already fought against, before you hit Shiva and then, finally MR X.

Mr.X Battle music is simply, beautiful. An urgent fast paced fight to complete the game!

I would recommend anyone to listen to the masterpiece that is SoR2.


What is your favorite game soundtrack?

Vix xo

‘Favorite Game Couple.’

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Atlas and P-body are literally my most favorite pairing ever. They are both so cute and together, are fantastic.

Even though they don’t speak, the charisma and chemistry between them is electric. The things that do it is their little animations, eg hug and dance together. Also when you go to high five and you miss, you look super super sad.

Playing Portal 2 on your own, is literally one of the most beautiful and rage inducing games ever, but when you have a friend playing with you, it really does test your friendship lol!

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Atlas is the tall one, and P-Body is the cute round one, and together they are my favorite game couple, especially when GLaDOS is sprouting out comments like this These next tests require co-operation. Consequently, they have never been solved by a human. That’s where you come in. You don’t know pride, you don’t know fear, you don’t know anything. You’ll be perfect.


Who is your favorite game couple?


Vix xo



‘Most Annoying Character.’



Anyone who has ever played an Animal Crossing game, must of come across this angry Mo.Fo. I used to dread my DS dying for when he showed up. Always shouting at me! >.<

He was annoying tho, because even on the wii, if he shows up, youre in for a telling off and it goes on for AGES sometimes. It’s like OKAY WE GET THE POINT – RESETTING IS VERY VERY BAD BUT I CANT PROMISE I WONT DO IT AGAIN!




There isn’t really music else to say on this subject!

Who annoys you?

Vix xo


‘Game Character You Wish You Were’

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I was originally going to go with the character I thought I was most like, but I’m pretty weird so I don’t think I’d find someone like me. Who I WISH I was is a completely different story.

Obviously out of everyone, I wish I could be like this woman here. Claire Redfield.

She is sassy, resourceful and an all round bad ass.

Claire is a beautiful character with a heart of pure gold. She originally motorcycled her way into many hearts and I admired her. She was an extremely likable character and wasn’t seen as just a sex symbol like so many others were.

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I always wished there had been a romance between Claire and Leon and in Resident Evil Degeneration there was a bit of a spark, but we all know Leon really loves Ada. -.-

Claire really grows throughout Resident Evil 2 and Code Veronica, 2 of the best RE games in the franchise, and thus, this is my reason for hoping I would grow up like her. Shes fabulous.

Image result for claire redfield darkside chronicles


Who do you wish you could be?

Vix xo

‘My Guilty Pleasure Game’

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The Sims.

This had to be on my list somewhere, and where better then my Guilty Pleasure game. I remember borrowing this game from my friend when I was around 14 and thinking oh my word, this is absolutely fantastic.

I play the Sims 4 quite regularly even now, when I get stressed out with speedrunning or just want to waste a few hours building the perfect home and family and then destroying them in every way I possibly can.

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While Sims 1 was a good game, Sims 2 will ALWAYS be the stand out in the series. Everything about it was fantastic, perfect DLC and literally such an advanced jump from the first Sims. Also with the Sims 2 came the hordes of CC (Custom Content). Some of the creators of this content are absolutely incredible and with sites like Mod The Sims 2 it just opened up another world of possibilities.

I always feel like I should be ashamed with how many hours I have actually wasted on the Sims over the past 17 years, but I love it, and I will continue to play it and love it until the end of it!

I have also gotten into challenges for the Sims, which I hope, will give me more reason to play it objectively in the future and will help me out of my comfort zones when it comes to playing.

Whats your guilty pleasure game?

Whats your favourite sims games?

Vix xo


‘Most Underrated Game’

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For me, it would have to be The Evil Within. When I speak to my friends and ask them if they have played The Evil Within, the general consensus is NOPE, and I’m all like WHY THE HELL NOT.

I know there were a lot of bad reviews for the game, but I can honestly say I loved every minute of it. It was innovative, it was atmospheric and it scared the crap out of me with the jump scares.  The best thing tho, was that it was a hard game, even on the easiest mode you could still be struggling through the sheer amount of enemies that could appear.

Image result for the evil within laura

Reborn Laura certainly took me a few attempt’s to figure out. The puzzles were good, the story was great and I really took to Sebastian. The keepers were the worst thing about the game, you never knew where they were going to turn up!

Another thing I really enjoyed about this game was that it had some long chapters and the game took a while to finish. ‘Safe Haven’ could be accessed by finding mirrors and during certain scripted events.

It was a great game instalment by Bethesda and I hope they plan to release a sequel.

Whats the most underrated game you have played?

Vix xo





‘Your Favourite Video Game Character’

I have played thousands of games over the years but every couple of months I go back to my phase of playing Streets Of Rage. 

It has loads of replay value for me and I can honestly say the only character I’ve ever used is Blaze Fielding. I would go as far as to say she is my favourite video game character. 

I guess when I was younger I admired her. Admired her move set, clothes and just general bad ass-ery. As a rule I generally dislike girl protagonists (please don’t hate me, everyone has their own opinions), but there was something about Blaze I LOVED. 

Blaze is an ex police officer who quit the force to settle the rampage through out the city (sor1). She then becomes a dance teacher (sor2) and then becomes a private detective (sor3).   

All in all, Blaze has a great character in Streets Of Rage 2 which happens to be one of my favourite games ever. 

Who’s your favourite character? 

Vix xo 

‘My Very First Video Game’


The very first video game I can remember playing was Sonic the Hedgehog on the Master System 2. I remember my dad had gotten the console which had Alex Kidd in Miracle World built in, and him encouraging me to have a go when I was only a few years old. We kept the console for ages, and eventually it went up into the attic!

Sonic on the Master System was a lot more difficult then on the Mega Drive I believe, I remember being absolutely enthralled by (what I thought at the time) amazing graphics and music!

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A level that really stuck out to me on this game was Labyrinth, I remember it being so stupidly hard I had to get my dad to finish the level for me! Eventually I finished the game, and spent hours and hours on it!  The soundtrack I enjoyed the most was probably Sky Base. It had that real sense of ‘Come on, you’re so close to finishing! GO FAST SONIC’.

I went back to playing this the other week, and forgot how hard it was. Even though games were so much simpler back then the level design still astounded me to this day!


Well, that is all I can give you for ‘My Very First Video Game’ and  I hope it was a decent enough introduction into the type of Blogger I aspire to be.

What was your first video game?

Vix xo