‘Your Favourite Video Game Character’

I have played thousands of games over the years but every couple of months I go back to my phase of playing Streets Of Rage. 

It has loads of replay value for me and I can honestly say the only character I’ve ever used is Blaze Fielding. I would go as far as to say she is my favourite video game character. 

I guess when I was younger I admired her. Admired her move set, clothes and just general bad ass-ery. As a rule I generally dislike girl protagonists (please don’t hate me, everyone has their own opinions), but there was something about Blaze I LOVED. 

Blaze is an ex police officer who quit the force to settle the rampage through out the city (sor1). She then becomes a dance teacher (sor2) and then becomes a private detective (sor3).   

All in all, Blaze has a great character in Streets Of Rage 2 which happens to be one of my favourite games ever. 

Who’s your favourite character? 

Vix xo 


One thought on “‘Your Favourite Video Game Character’

  1. Streets of Rage has been one of the games I played when I was growing up. Needless to say, to this day, I feel that Blaze is REALLY an excellent character and a kickass lady that brings sweet memories of ass-kicking in the past and I should have REALLY used her when I played as a kid before.

    These days, if I go back to SoR, I find myself using her again… Great post.

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