‘Your Favourite Video Game Character’

I have played thousands of games over the years but every couple of months I go back to my phase of playing Streets Of Rage. 

It has loads of replay value for me and I can honestly say the only character I’ve ever used is Blaze Fielding. I would go as far as to say she is my favourite video game character. 

I guess when I was younger I admired her. Admired her move set, clothes and just general bad ass-ery. As a rule I generally dislike girl protagonists (please don’t hate me, everyone has their own opinions), but there was something about Blaze I LOVED. 

Blaze is an ex police officer who quit the force to settle the rampage through out the city (sor1). She then becomes a dance teacher (sor2) and then becomes a private detective (sor3).   

All in all, Blaze has a great character in Streets Of Rage 2 which happens to be one of my favourite games ever. 

Who’s your favourite character? 

Vix xo 


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