‘My Guilty Pleasure Game’

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The Sims.

This had to be on my list somewhere, and where better then my Guilty Pleasure game. I remember borrowing this game from my friend when I was around 14 and thinking oh my word, this is absolutely fantastic.

I play the Sims 4 quite regularly even now, when I get stressed out with speedrunning or just want to waste a few hours building the perfect home and family and then destroying them in every way I possibly can.

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While Sims 1 was a good game, Sims 2 will ALWAYS be the stand out in the series. Everything about it was fantastic, perfect DLC and literally such an advanced jump from the first Sims. Also with the Sims 2 came the hordes of CC (Custom Content). Some of the creators of this content are absolutely incredible and with sites like Mod The Sims 2 it just opened up another world of possibilities.

I always feel like I should be ashamed with how many hours I have actually wasted on the Sims over the past 17 years, but I love it, and I will continue to play it and love it until the end of it!

I have also gotten into challenges for the Sims, which I hope, will give me more reason to play it objectively in the future and will help me out of my comfort zones when it comes to playing.

Whats your guilty pleasure game?

Whats your favourite sims games?

Vix xo



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