‘My Very First Video Game’


The very first video game I can remember playing was Sonic the Hedgehog on the Master System 2. I remember my dad had gotten the console which had Alex Kidd in Miracle World built in, and him encouraging me to have a go when I was only a few years old. We kept the console for ages, and eventually it went up into the attic!

Sonic on the Master System was a lot more difficult then on the Mega Drive I believe, I remember being absolutely enthralled by (what I thought at the time) amazing graphics and music!

Image result for sonic the hedgehog master system

A level that really stuck out to me on this game was Labyrinth, I remember it being so stupidly hard I had to get my dad to finish the level for me! Eventually I finished the game, and spent hours and hours on it!  The soundtrack I enjoyed the most was probably Sky Base. It had that real sense of ‘Come on, you’re so close to finishing! GO FAST SONIC’.

I went back to playing this the other week, and forgot how hard it was. Even though games were so much simpler back then the level design still astounded me to this day!


Well, that is all I can give you for ‘My Very First Video Game’ and  I hope it was a decent enough introduction into the type of Blogger I aspire to be.

What was your first video game?

Vix xo